Temporary Helpdesk Ticket Process

Our developers are improving the ticketing process for a quicker, more efficient experience.

Please continue to submit help tickets via your Transaction History as usual. But for the short term, please also respond to the follow-up email that will be sent to your registered email address on your ySense account. Further details for this extra step are below:

Whilst these improvements are being applied, we’ve found some data points are lost on some helpdesk ticket submissions, causing delays to ticket processing times. To keep delays to a minimum, we’ve temporarily implemented a follow-up email that further requests details of your issue. This email will be sent from support@ysense.zendesk.com.

To ensure your tickets are processed quickly and efficiently, please make sure to respond to this email. We appreciate it’s an extra step, but it is only temporary, to ensure we can resolve your ticket as quickly as possible.

As soon as the development is complete, we’ll remove this email step.

Thanks for your patience.

Team ySense