What We Learned from Couponing on Cyber Monday

Couponing on Cyber Monday

Many people start shopping for holiday gifts in advance. Some take advantage of the incredible offers that come up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Each year we see incredible growth not only in Cyber Monday sales, which hit record numbers, but in the use of coupons.

On top of all the savings people have from Cyber Monday deals, a large amount of people were couponing also which means consumers saved priceless amounts this holiday season. Here is everything we learned from couponing on Cyber Monday:

Coupons Were All the Rage Last Cyber Monday

It’s not a surprise that people generally search for coupons when looking for the best holiday gifts for their loved ones. According to the statistics by Statista regarding US consumers’ shopping strategies to save money on holiday gifts in 2017, a whopping 80% of consumers were influenced by coupons and promotions.

This year, holiday shoppers in the US considered several factors for making their purchase decisions, and free shipping was the most important retailer perk. The second most important factor were coupons. According to the Holiday Shopping Survey data by Offers, 38% of shoppers were looking for free shipping, while 18% of them were drawn in by coupons, as they enabled them to get excellent deals.

Before making a final purchase decision, almost 50% of Cyber Monday shoppers were looking for deals and coupons. Specifically, 25% of them search for coupons most of the time, while 24% of them look for coupons every time.

The Offers’ Holiday Shopping Survey data also shows that most of the coupon hunters this Cyber Monday were women. In fact, 30% of women searched for coupons every time they made a purchase, as opposed to 18% of men who did the same.

Couponing Trends on Cyber Monday

Since coupons bring a lot more customers, retailers are always looking for new ways to offer them. Most of the retailers were giving coupons to new customers and new email subscribers, as that’s an excellent way to attract shoppers and inspire their loyalty.

Many retailers were offering coupons as awesome incentives on Cyber Monday. All you had to do is leave a product review to get really great coupons and save a lot of money. Yet another couponing trend included giving loyalty points to customers, who could then get discount coupons and purchase their desired products at incredibly affordable prices.

Couponing on Cyber Monday is undeniably the best way to save money on holiday gifts. If you still haven’t entered the world of coupons, you should definitely consider it for your shopping strategy next year. Start couponing and you’ll snatch the best possible deals, not to mention start saving money in the long run.

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