NEW! 2019 Christmas Holiday Promotion

2nd Jan 2020 UPDATE: We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and made the most of the added bonus! Just so you know, the holiday promotion checklist bonus period has now ended and your daily checklist bonus is back to 12%.

To wish you and your family a happy festive season, and an even happier new year, the ySense team have increased the daily checklist bonus for all members!

It’s our way of saying thankyou for your ongoing support, during a year of big change, and to kick off 2020 on a high!

Want to know how it works? We’ve got your questions covered:

What is the 2019 Christmas Checklist Bonus? Active from Friday 20th December until Thursday 2nd January, we’re increasing the daily checklist bonus by 50%!

It means that over the holidays, you can now earn an 18% bonus instead of 12% for completing your daily checklist.

The extra checklist bonuses (ySenseAddon and Activity) are not changed and will be added to the regular bonus, as usual, bringing the maximum potential bonus to 22% for all members!

Do I need to do anything to activate the bonus? Nope! The bonus is automatically applied to all members during the promotional period. Just fulfil the daily checklist requirements and your extra bonus will be credited to your account!

Click here for more information about the Christmas Daily Checklist bonus, and how you can make sure to claim yours!

Happy holidays everyone, and here’s to an even better 2020, with more surveys, offers, features and updates!

Take Care!

Team ySense

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