Ending in December: It’s time to say goodbye…

Appen (the company that provides tasks on ySense) will no longer offer paid task opportunities from 2021.

What does that mean for me?

From January 1st 2021, Appen have announced that they will no longer support task partnerships with any website. The only place you may still be able to find Tasks in 2021 will be at Appen directly.

But until then, you can continue to take tasks on ySense and earn rewards right up until December 31st (you’ll also have the chance to win a share of $100 in the weekly task contest!)

Any earnings generated from Appen tasks are yours to keep, and will remain in your ySense account until you choose to withdraw them.

Rest assured that we’ll continue to add more ways for you to earn and
withdraw your earnings here on ySense!

Here’s a recap of the most popular:

Paid Surveys

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Offers You’ll Love

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Refer Friends & Family

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