ySense: $149 profit in 24 hours…

Today we’re sharing how one of our ySense members from the UK (MLivePro) who was able to earn $149 profit by completing this one ySense Offer!

If the offer is live in your country, follow his lead and you could find yourself $149 better off by tomorrow too!

The original post is over on the ySense blog and can be viewed via the link below. Note – you’ll need to first log in to the ySense blog, then copy and paste this link straight into your browser:


So let’s hear from MLivePro and how he earnt so much in such a short time on ySense…

MLivePro: “Last night I took a chance and tried the Bitcoin Trader offer. I was sceptical, but the fact the offer was on here reassured me a fair bit.

Then on signing up to the site the offer linked to, it was literally 2 minutes before I got a phone call from the company. They talked through the deposit process, and even told me not to trade until a manager called me, which happened today.

The offer here (in the UK) was to earn US$350 in my ySense account for depositing UK£200 into the Bitcoin Trading site. However I had to deposit US$250 which got converted into Russian Rubles during the payment process then converted back to US$ on the site. All the time I was thinking I’d have to raise a dispute with the bank in case it was a scam…

but no…

Within two hours, my ySense account was credited with the $350…. and as I had completed the daily checklist I got a $49 bonus!! $149 profit!!

Then my first trade won, only $20, but it meant could check the site paid out, I withdraw $200 leaving $70 on the site for more trading, that withdrawal has been confirmed, just awaiting it to hit the bank.

So basically I spent $250, and got $599 back within 24 hours

Only annoying thing… it seems Bitcoin Trader is a broker as I got a few other phone calls from other trading companies, but no real hassle as they hang up when I said I was only interested in the ySense offer not trading Bitcoin.

All in all… a very good day!! Thank you ySense!!”

Thanks for sharing your story MLivePro! We love to hear about your successes here on ySense, especially when they’re as rewarding as this offer is!

So to recap, if you’d like to earn $350 for completing the Bitcoin Profit offer, just like MLivePro did, here’s a quick summary:

  • Click Here to see find if the offer is live in your country
  • If the offer page loads, you’re in luck! Register with Bitcoin Profit and deposit £200 (or equivalent currency) to earn your $350
  • Check out all available offers in your country by clicking HERE

No previous Bitcoin trading experience is necessary, and you’ll receive a step by step telephone guidance to help you along the way.

We look forward to hearing your experiences with Bitcoin Profit. Share your feedback in the comments below.

Happy trading!