How Safe Are Online Surveys for Money?

How Safe Are Online Surveys?

Who hasn’t come across a paid survey link and deliberated whether or not to try their luck? Such links just begging to be clicked. Still, a vast number of internet users don’t try them out, believing that there’s something suspicious about an online organization offering real money for virtually nothing in return.

So, can online surveys be trusted or not?
Do they really pay off or are they just another elaborate scheme?

Are surveys for money legit?

We’re here to tell you yes… and here’s why:

Your Information Is the Most Valuable Business Asset

Here’s an example you see every day:

An online retailer publishes a paid Instagram Story that promises a free handbag for a randomly chosen contest participant. All you need to do is click a link that leads to their website and fill out a sign up form on the landing page. Whether you win or not is actually unimportant.

What’s important is that an online retailer now has your personal information and email address in the company’s database. As soon as tomorrow, you’ll see a message from them in your inbox, offering you yet another product on discount. Wherever you go, the online retailer’s ad will follow you around.
Until, eventually, you return to their site to buy something.

This marketing practice is called lead generation and serves to initiate and nurture a relationship between a potential customer and a brand. When lead gen is successful, a prospect gets converted into a paying customer. More importantly yet, this practice acquires knowledge about lead behaviour.

Because you’re only one fish in the vast sea of online leads.

The more information on individual leads, the bigger the chance for sales growth. Companies use this data to create an average customer profile called an ideal buyer persona, which later helps them not only to target qualified leads with personalized ads but also to tailor their offer based on their needs.

That said, your input is important in designing this buyer persona. It’s used for everything from marketing and sales to retention and overall development. Without data from your surveys, companies would have no actionable insight into customer behaviour and nothing to base their improvement on.

Why Online Surveys Are a Safe Source of Easy Money

Online Surveys Are A Safe Source of Easy Money

While some companies rely on elaborate marketing strategies to help them acquire the information they need for future growth and development, other businesses use online surveys. The principle is more or less the same, except for one important difference – these surveys actually pay for your data.

Come to think of it, paid surveys are much more reliable.

In the previous scenario, the online retailer generates just as many leads and collects an equal amount of information as a company that decides to this through an online survey. Instead of paying directly to you, as respectable businesses that use surveys do, the online retailer spends money on paid ads.

If there wasn’t for Terms and Conditions, extracting customer data via subscription forms would be unlawful. Paid online surveys, on the other hand, fall under information trade. You leave your personal data and express your opinion, and you get paid in return.
Even though doing an online survey doesn’t take much of your time, the company that conducts it still has enough professional decency to compensate you for your trouble. This is a healthy way of doing business, especially when you consider the amount of money brands are willing to spend on surveys.

Paid Surveys Are Regulated by Reliable Organizations

As a knowledge acquisition strategy, paid surveys go a long way for businesses and survey takers alike. Brands get to collect invaluable data about their own performance and potential customers without losing their integrity in the process, while you, a survey taker, get to earn some easy cash on the side.

But does this actually work in practice?

How can you be sure that you’ll be paid afterwards?

Most online surveys are legitimate because they are regulated by private and public organizations. Reputable businesses go through these organizations to reassure survey takers that their intentions are honest and that all payments will be handled with care. For every survey, there is a regulation.

Companies like Survey Police are just one of the many organizations that keep paid survey companies in check, while also providing survey takers’ reviews and testimonials. The next time you come across a tempting paid survey click, visit their website and read more about how trustworthy the company in question actually is.

Before you start taking online surveys, be sure to look up reviews to make sure the site is legitimate. Companies like ySense are 100% legitimate and offer quick cash to their users. Check out what we provide today!