The Best Online Paid Surveys

The Best Online Paid Surveys

If you need to earn more cash and your current job doesn’t pay as well as you’d like, maybe you should consider using your free time to do some online paid surveys. Stop procrastinating and start quickly earning some money on the side with minimal effort.

As data and research are becoming more important each day, there are many new sites that offer different kinds of paid surveys to get customer feedback. This means that there are many opportunities for consumers out there. Still, some of those are unreliable and you need to be aware of illegitimate sites.

ySense has the most reliable surveys in the industry. We know just exactly what surveys will get you cash fast. Here are our best online paid surveys, but first, a quick introduction to what exactly ySense does.


ySense has been one of the most successful survey sites ever since it started offering paid surveys in 2012. There are new ySense online paid surveys every day and on top of that if you refer us to other people you’ll get rewarded with 20% of their income.

There are many survey methods on our site, including watching short videos, opinion polls, research, and so on. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is set at $10. The payment period is from 3 to 10 days and members can choose from different payment options such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and Tango Card.

Apart from taking surveys and referring people to our site, we also give you the opportunity to make money with daily bonuses, doing ySense offers, and finishing Crowdflower tasks. Even if you get bored with surveys, you can switch to something else and still make money.

ySense is home to a variety of survey options. You’re bound to find one that suits your style.

Here are a few of our most popular:

Speak Up! Surveys

Speak Up! Surveys are one of our most popular surveying clients that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. ySense currently hosts 3 options for Speak Up! Surveys. Each option has a different cash reward amount.

All they ask is for you to voice your honest opinion about products and services. Speak Up! Surveys on ySense are extremely transparent so what you see is what you get. No tricks when you’re trying to cash-in.

LiveSample Surveys

Give Surveys Feedback

Another survey source that is often hosted on ySense is LiveSample. LiveSample surveys vary in time it takes to complete them. You can start earning money today with LiveSample or enter into their sweepstakes to get a chance at winning one of their extravagant prizes. Just sign up with ySense and get started.

With LiveSample on ySense, you’re guaranteed legitimate surveys. No scams or tricks, LiveSample is 100% the real deal. Whenever you want to withdraw your earnings go ahead. All that’s required is a $10 minimum cash out.

Tap Research Surveys

Tap Research, another common survey source hosted on ySense, offers a variety of surveys that will get you cash quick. Tap Research is partnered with brands such as Samsung, Survey Monkey, McDonald’s, and Southwest Airlines. With brands like this, you’re guaranteed legitimate rewards.

Just like any other ySense survey, Tap Research gives people the opportunity to do paid surveys for brands’ research needs. This is a company with a good reputation and a nice privacy policy.

Sign up with ySense and start completing Tap Research surveys for big brands today. New surveys are available daily.

ySense has the best and most reliable survey sources on the market. Start earning money completing ySense online paid surveys today.