Never Miss A Paid Opportunity Again…

Are new surveys, tasks and offers getting snapped up before you have a chance to earn from them? (If you’re not logged in 24/7, there’s a good chance they are!)

Do you want a quick and easy way to keep up to date and manage your ySense account?

Well now you can! Be one of the first to know about new surveys and tasks AND see your ySense balance in 1 click with the ySense Browser Addon!

If you use a laptop or PC, you can download the ySense Browser Addon in just a few seconds. It’s completely free to use, takes up next to no space and won’t slow down your PC. (We have a ySense mobile app due in March 2020 for all you mobile users out there!)

Downloaded over 82,000 times since launch and rated 4.6 out of 5, the ySense browser Addon works Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer.

What is the ySense Browser Addon?

This little helper will let you know when a new opportunity for you to earn money is available on ySense! It’s a non-intrusive add-on to your browser that keeps you up to date and helps you make the most of your time…

ySense Browser Addon

You’ll see a number in the far right-hand corner of your browser (just like in the screenshot above). When you click it, a quick summary of your account – balance, recent earnings, survey invites, tasks and a few other handy links will open out.

Just click any of the buttons there and they’ll take you straight where you want to go.

You can download it right here from your ySense account and see for yourself, but don’t just take our word for it – take a look at look how it helped these ySense members…

Ysense Browser Addon Reviews

What does it do?

There’s a bunch of features to make managing your account easier and help you earn more, all available in one quick click…

Quick Alerts: You’ll be one of the first to get notified whenever a new paid survey or task is available, so you’ll increase your chances of earning before an opportunity closes.

Account Stats: Keep track of your latest balance, view recent earnings, check today’s earnings and see your lifetime earnings all in one place!

Quick links: Use the Addon to head straight to popular ySense pages, including surveys, tasks, offers and the ySense forum (a friendly community that’s an excellent source of earning tips!)

Can I customise my alerts?

Absolutely! Edit the alerts to suit you.

Open the Addon and click on ‘Options’.

Customise your Addon alerts

You can quickly change the number of alerts shown, type of offer alert, you can even choose to play an alert sound (if you need the extra encouragement!)

Whether you’re new to ySense, or a long term member – we encourage you to try out the ySense Browser Addon for yourself and see how much extra you can earn!

>>> Download the ySense Browser Addon here <<<

Let us know how you get on in the comments below 🙂