Paypal fix update

We’ve seen many forum posts about cash outs on Paypal which is fantastic news. For those ySense members continuing to have issues cashing out via Paypal because of verification issues related to multiple first names/last names, our tech team is actively working on a permanent fix. This fix includes seeing the proper first name and last name information in your (ySense account settings page). We are aware of the issue when you hit save when additional names move over to the Last Name field. This will be fixed as well. 

Furthermore (and more importantly), when we send this information over to Paypal for verification, we’ll put the names in the correct field exactly as you stated in the first name / last name fields. We anticipate these fixes to be ready in the next couple days. Meanwhile, please reach out to our customer service team here (ySense) so we can manually review your account for verification. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

– ySense Team