Welcome to ySense

ySense is the new home for Clixsense members. It has all of the same features you’ve grown to love plus new earning opportunities and reward options. Here is what you need to know about ySense.com:

New earning opportunities

We are adding surveys from new providers like ProdegeMR, offers to make money from top brands like Uber and Tidal and we will start adding new ways to earn over time

New Reward options

  • Gift cards from top global brands like Amazon and more
  • Pre-paid MasterCard / VISA (in select countries)

Affiliate program

  • Richest affiliate program in the industry
  • With more ways to earn being introduced over time, your affiliate fees will continue growing

Bonus opportunities

Is there anything missing?

Not every offer wall or survey partner will be live today. Some have been discontinued because their offers or surveys were duplicates and paid less than what you could find elsewhere on the site.

Others are being integrated into the site as we speak but didn’t make the cut for launch. We appreciate your patience as we get everything settled.

I have more questions!

We know you may have a lot of questions and the forums will be buzzing but we also curated an FAQ for you to find answers about more specific questions.

We have also setup a live link to our Customer Service team to report any bugs you encounter during our first day on the air. While we don’t expect any major issues we are standing by to address them as they are found so please don’t be shy and report them here. There may be awards out there for helping us out…

Last but not least, our Customer Service team is standing by ready to address all your needs.

As always we appreciate your continued support and look forward to your input in making ySense better every day