Double Task Earnings…ALL WEEK!

That’s right folks, to help you all earn a little from your time on ySense, and to celebrate the recent rebrand from Figure Eight to Appen tasks, we’re running a double rewards promotion!

For one week only, Appen tasks are worth twice as much as the reward they show in your account dash!

How it works

Starting from midnight on 19th May PST, to 11:59PM 25th May PST, for every cent you earn by completing an Appen Task on ySense, we’ll double your reward!

That means if you see a task like the one below, worth $0.07, we’ll go ahead and double the reward, giving you $0.14…

Example Appen Task Reward

There’s no limit to how many tasks you can complete for double rewards, so go ahead…complete as many as you can to really cash in on the double rewards!

There’s also no qualifying criteria, so unlike the weekly task contest, you don’t need to be a top earner to earn extra.

We’re giving everyone the chance to earn more with tasks, in every country where tasks are available!

If you’ve not taken a task for a while, now is a great chance to check back in, see what tasks are available, and double your earnings.

Where do I see my double rewards?

We’re running this promotion manually, and will upload all of your extra earnings once the double points promotion has ended.

That means during the week of the promotion, all Appen tasks will first be awarded to your balance at the standard rate (as shown in your task dash), but from Tuesday 26th May onwards, everyone that has completed a promotional task will see a manual credit uploaded to their account balance, doubling their reward!

Don’t worry, you won’t miss it. We’ll send you an email to let you know once your promotional earnings have been uploaded.

In Summary

To earn your double Task points, simply complete as many Appen tasks as you can during the promotional week (Tuesday 19th – Monday 25th May).

  • The promotion begins at midnight (PST) on 19th May
  • You’ll earn double rewards for every single cent you earn by completing tasks
  • Task rewards will credit immediately to your balance at the standard task rate BUT…
  • After the promotion closes at 11:59PM PST on Monday 25th May, we’ll manually credit your account with your double rewards.

1000’s of ySense members take tasks every day – they’re a popular way to earn a little extra, so we know the double points promotion is going to be popular!

Spread the word and help your friends, family & referrals earn more too.


Team ySense