Now it’s Fixed!

Oops! We goofed!

After our little boo boo, you can now sign in and use the ySense addon again (phew!)

What happened?

On Wednesday 25th March we made some important updates to ySense. Unfortunately, this caused everyone who has the ySense addon installed, to be logged out and unable to sign back in again (don’t have it – you can find it HERE).

Fortunately you were all quick to bring this to our attention in the forum, and directly through email (thanks Marta and your Polish Facebook users!) so our dev team were able to fix the issue last night. It’s great to see so many of you using the addon!

To reactivate the addon (if you already have it installed), you’ll need to give it a click, sign in and wait a few seconds for it to load.

Once loaded, you’ll once again have access to the latest surveys and task alerts, and be able to increase your Daily Checklist Bonus from 14% to 16%!

You can find out more about the ySense Addon, where to find it and how it works on this blog post.

Or if you’re ready to get new survey updates as soon as they happen, increase your daily checklist bonus to 16% and have easy access to ySense at the click of a button, you can download it now! You’ll find it in your ySense account under More > Addons.

Thanks and happy trails!