Site issues we are aware of and are dealing with

We are collecting feedback from your customer service inquiries and forum posts to spot issues and fixing them. Thank you for your support and patience!

This is a quick update on some of them. Feel free to post comments with other issues or ideas for improvement as they are all welcome.

  1. Gift cards, paypal and other cash out options
    • While we added many new gift cards + Paypal there seem to be issues with the right gift cards showing up in the right countries. We are working to fix that, most should be available now. (fixed)
    • Paypal issues – some of you reported not being able to cash out via Paypal – please write in to our help center so they can assist you with your first Paypal cash out. We know about issues in China and we are working on those. Multiple names/last names issue has been fixed too (fixed).
    • Skrill and Payoneer is off temporarily. We are working to get it back online. We have a signed contract with Payoneer and are waiting for final approval so we can developing it to get it live with a target date of October 3rd.
    • Fixed vs Variable amounts on Paypal & Skrill. Currently we have fixed amounts. Short term fix – we will offer more denominations so you can cash out as close to your total balance as possible. Looking into variable amounts as a longer term solution
    • Cheques – to be honest we didn’t expect that people would want them. They were only available in US & Canada and we are looking into a potential solution.
  1. Missing Data reports
    • View survey history page – You can see total survey click data – not historical for individual clicks though (fixed)
    • Missing referrals data – Working on bringing that back (fixed)
    • Missing Daily Checklist Bonus data (fixed)
  2. Site Features
    • Can’t login to forum (fixed)
    • Missing date posted on surveys (ticket filed with development team to add
    • Do Old referral links work? YES! but start using the new one going forward.
    • Referral payout reports are bundled up to show you daily totals. They are updated hourly. You can click into it for details on a referral by referral basis.
  3. Missing earning opportunities
    • $5 Task bonus on $50 earned – (fixed)
    • HideoutTV (need to review)
    • Yoursurveys (live)
    • Pollfish (in line for development)
    • Precision Sample (live in some countries)
    • Market Cube (live in some countries)
    • Paneland (live)
    • InnovateMR, Branded, Global Surveys (in discussions)
    • Toluna not crediting (in talks with Toluna to resolve it)
    • Lack of opportunities on ySense offers (would love to hear from you in the comments what types of offers you are interested in and how you engage with them so we can put up those that address your needs)
  4. China
    • Chinese users being blocked from accessing site (fixed)
    • New users trying to sign up – Recaptcha fixed

Paypal issues

27 Replies to “Site issues we are aware of and are dealing with”

  1. I am from India and I have an account since long earlier I have not seen problem for cashout options. Now, when I go for cashout options it shows the one reward only and not showing cash out options. Further, it also not shown the change option from skrill to any other account i.e. Paypal etc in this account. If someone not want to get the rewards and he/she prefer to cashout his money, then what should do. Have you close the cashout money options. Please clarify all at the earliest for which I shall be grateful.

    1. Cash outs are still possible via Paypal. We are working to get SKRILL and PAYONEER back as soon as we can. We apologize for the delay.

  2. Hello Admin
    In China we can not do any surveys except Peanutlabs though they are already here.
    When I open a survey I can not continue.
    The picture show what happen. (
    Please fix it! Thank you!

    1. Hi Madison91, the image you shared shows a regular pre-screening question asking your age. I don’t see anything wrong there. If you answer it will take you the survey.

  3. A mi solo me aparece como forma de pago el steam,…… ni paypal ni skril ni nada , ojala no tarde mucho en volver a cobrar por alguna de estas formas. por que no tengo interes ninguno en las tarjeta steam.

  4. Hello, I and many Hispanic people who have two names and / or two surnames (last names of the father and mother) can not withdraw money with PayPal because the name does not match, but in ysense you can only put a name and a surname, and in PayPal cannot change the name because it asks for a credential (which contains our full name), are you guys fixing this?

    1. Good point. I have 2 names too… I see exactly what you are saying. This was filed as a ticket and a solution found.

  5. Hello! I am from Kazakhstan. I am ClixSense ClixSense user since April 2013, my username is Mawunya. After maintenance on 08/01/2019 I am blocked from accessing site. Please unblock access to the ySense site . Regards, Anar.

    1. Thank you Anar, I will find out what it takes to get it back live. Thank you for your patience.

  6. Hey, I’m from Indonesia, and I can’t do the phone number verification because i have 12 digits phone number, while the available slots are only for 9 numbers. How to solve this? I want to do a cashout.

  7. How do I give my phone number? I’m from Indonesia and I have 12 digits meanwhile the available digits to fill are only nine slots.

    1. Thanks for making us aware. We’ve just released a fix to now allow for Indonesian phone numbers to be entered. Please try again and you should be fine now.

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